The journey of ever after - 10

Once upon a time , when we are in college we just two of us ..!! 

That time :

Ranjini : karthi...k.. !! What will you do in your free life ..??

Karthik : hmm..!! I think I will help mom .. if not I will research about some places.. if not then YouTube 🤷..!!

Ranjini : ohh ... What are the places you will research...?

Karthik : mostly, north sides .. Udaipur, Jaipur palaces .. then their cultures , then Himachal region and the tribal peoples in that area ..!! And their mystery stories and their cultures, then Punjab food variations ..!! 

Ranjini : ohh ..!! 

Karthik : hmm ..!! 

Ranjini :  Will you like pets ..??

Karthik : ofcourse... But, I don't have anyone..!! 

Ranjini : ohh ..!! 

Karthik : hmm .. what about you...? 

Ranjini : Too the peak.. it's a cute creature.. they will love us more than anyone can .. !

Karthik : ohh .. it's correct.. but, what will you do if you get someone like that ..? 

Ranjini : if it happens then I'm the lucky one ..!! 

Karthik : then consider yourself as luckiest..!! 

She started to blush ..!  I'm too feeling shy ...!

Karthik : so , You have pets in your house...?

Ranjini :  In my home , I'm itself a guest.. then how can keep pets ...?!

I don't know what to say ..!!

Ranjini : but ,  Their is a pet shop near beach.. "cutie pie" .. !! It's just amazing one ..!! 

I was mesmerized by her ..!  

Ranjini : like the shop name .. everyone in that shop are cuties.. they won't have much .. when ever I miss someone, I will go there .. !! And , their is one dog fellow.. I have a name for him "bujiks" .. he is a super cute fellow .. the fluffy one too .. if we speak something he will understand us .. i miss him ..!! 

Mini karthik : achoo ..!! 

Karthik : Don't worry.. we will adopt him ..!! 

Ranjini : hmm .. ( she started to blush ) 

At present : 

Cha .. what a memory...!! 

This is the same pet shop "cutie pie" .. now , i wanna see the "bujiks" ..!! 

When i entered the shop , i miss her more .. i want her to be with me .. and introduce me to her favourites..!! 

I want to listen all the cute stories from her .. i want to see her talk freely ... Ohh god .. i want to see my ini ❤️..!! I miss you ini ❤️..!! 

I'm just seeing all the animals and thinking about her ..!! 

At the beach :

Krish pov : 

This sleepy head went to her dream land ..!! 

What will i do with her ..?! Oh god . She is irritating but interesting...!! 

She loves everyone around her and cares for them ..!! 

Before , she went to Chennai for abi and now she in Kanyakumari for ranju ..!! 

She will do anything for her loved ones..!! Now , she has two beautiful family.. two supporting brothers especially the one is her twin ..!! 

And she also has me beside her ...!! She will always have me .. !! How can i leave this creature 👻...!! She may be dangerous to our lives ..!! Nah nah .. just kidding .. ! But, i will be with her always..!! 

I know she is troubling her little demon head with her bestfriend.. that is the overthinking..!! 

But , i don't know what it is ..? And what she is thinking...? 

May be she is thinking about ranju ..? Or may be someone is troubling her ..? Or may be she is some kinda trouble..? Or any other things ..? 

Oh god , why I'm overthinking...!! Is her bestfriend invade my brain...!! Why I'm like this why it comes to her ...!! 

Around her , i want to be an intelligent one as well as a dump one .. !! But , why ..? 

But, i want to keep her happy ...!! I want to make her happy..! 

This little devil is doing something to me ...!! I don't know what it is ..? But , one thing for sure i just want to protect her ..!! 

At Ranjini's home : 

Ranjini was in her room .. and her aunt and uncle was in living room but with their own thoughts..!! 

The daily routine of ranjini is .. she will do her work that is cleaning and helping her aunt in cooking and washing the clothes and gardening.. which keeps her alive...!! 

In Ranjini's room she was aimlessly seeing or sadly gazing her window.. without any emotions in her eyes...!  Which expresses that she is already defeated and she is tired from all the happenings...!! May be she is waiting something.. some miracle to happen.. something to give her hope ..!! 


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