The journey of ever after - 11

Her aunt : What to do now .. the day has came near .. and today they came and all the nonsense they said .. what are we going to do ..?? ( Towards Ranjini's uncle)

But , he was keeping quiet.. he didn't open his mouth...!! 

Her aunt : Why don't you say something.. why are so silent...? This is our daughters life .. 

Her uncle: What are you asking me to do ..? She is my daughter too .. I too don't know .. what to do .. whom to ask .. ? 

Her aunt broke into tears .. her uncle's heart also broken seeing his wife and thinking about his niece.. no no his daughter's life and her future..!! 

Her aunt :  How will we say it to her .. her studies.. her career.. her dreams .. oh god what will she do .. till now she is simply alive.. but now this things .. I'm the only one to blame.. I torture her a lot .. I didn't leave her to be herself.. god... !! 

But , she didn't know that the poor soul was hearing everything and broken into pool of tears ..!! 

Her aunt :  If her parents is alive they won't let it to happen right.. she will be the happiest one .. 

Ranjini can't control her tears .. !! Yeah of course.. till this incident, she hated her aunt but when she get to know the real reason.. how can she hate her .. she can't bear her loved one's in this state ..!! 

Ranjini don't know .. that to be happy or to be sad in this moment...!! 

Because , she always want to be loved .. and when she got what she wanted .. she can't be happy.. is the agony of life ..? 

After 2 days...!! 

Krish pov :

It's been two days , since we arrived kanyakumari...!! 

Today morning we got a call from lawyer uncle .. saying that bastards arranged a marriage and it is tomorrow..!! 

Karthik was in trace .. his love of his life is in sorrow and he can't do anything...!! 

But , if everything goes according to our plan then everything will be okey ..!! 

That minion , yesterday called sivagami aunty .. to know the situation of their house ..!! 

But ,to the surprise.. !! Ranju was the one who attended it ..!! I know she is suspicious about the voice.. but she didn't ask any questions.. she just hand over the phone to her aunty...!! 

We spoke to aunty and assured everything going to be well and good .. and asked them to not worry about this problem and we will take care of it ..!! 

We didn't said anything to her .. because we don't want to confuse her ..!  

They going to thought it is some kinda miracle ..!! 

We are excited as well as nervous..!! 

Why god why ... I think.. our life is more thriller than the horror roller coaster rides ..!! 

We are just college students but now , we are acting as some mature CBCID's ...!! Are we really that much matured..? To face this much things ...!! 

I think our life will be a great story or some webseries..!! Like which can be taken to many many seasons and till the audience will pity us .. !! 

If this continues the audience will get to see us in bland head .. !! Ohh god .. my beautiful hair...!! 

Mini Krish: chai .. krish .. are you this much childish ...!! 

Krish : hey .. brainy .. don't say this .. because I'm diverting myself from all the problem surrounding us ..!! 

Mini Krish : ohh .. you are coming that way ..! 

Krish : I'm not ..!! 

Mini krish : just put some subtitles.. that you are diverting yourself.. otherwise the readers will think that the author is diverting the story ...!! 

Krish : get lost...!

Mini Krish: 😏

We don't need god's pity on us .. but just give us a small break ..!! 

As per our plan .. today's night lawyer uncle going to inform them about the clause in the will ..!! 

Hopefully.. tomorrow.. by this time everything will be over .. right ...?? 



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