The journey of ever after - 12

Ranjini's pov:

I'm in my room .. !! I can't imagine that tomorrow is my marriage...!! 

I'm still waiting for some miracle to happen..? 

Uncle : sivagami .. sivagami ..!?

Aunty : hmm .. ? What happened?( With tired voice ) 

Uncle :  You remember that someone we know is working in ramasamy's household right ..? 

Aunty : yeah .. what about that..? 

Uncle :  they just called me ..! 

Aunty : what .. what did they say..? ( With full of anticipation) 

Uncle : Till today, we don't the reason for this alliance right .. but, now we get to know ..? 

Aunty :  What is that ..? 

Uncle :  Today their family lawyer went to that house .. he also brought some documents it seems .. and it also has some conditions.. then after sometime he too left .. then the whole family discussed this with themselves..!! 

Aunty : oh ..  Why they are rushing the marriage..? 

Uncle :  They only need the properties which is on ranju's name ..!! 

Aunty : but , akka ( ranju's mom ) Said that when ranju has a age to transfer the properties. We will do that right.!! 

Uncle : Yeah .. !! But, Anni's ( ranju's mom ) mom has prepared some will it seems ..!! 

Aunty : Who asked their properties. Can't they leave us alone ..!! 

Uncle: hmm ...!! 

Aunty:  What will they do tomorrow..??

Uncle :  I too don't know that .. but, let's hope everything will be good ..!! 

At the time aunty's phone rang ..:

Who will be that ...? Are they calling ...? 

Uncle : who is that sivagami..?

Aunty : This is none other than jannu .. the girl I saw in temple that day ..!! 

Uncle : who.? 

Aunty : They already called me .. did you forget that .. !! Two days before..!! 

Is kirthi calling aunty ..? 

Are they really here ..? For me ..? 

2 days before: 

Aunty's phone was ringing continuously...!! 

So, i went near that and see who is calling her ..!! It is saved as janvi ..!! 

Janvi ..? It's kirthi's friend name right .. anyways i attend the call ..!! 

Ranjini : hello ..!! 

That other end person : hello aunty .. nan jannu pesuren ..! 

Ranjini : jannu .. ? ( Then i saw aunty was coming. So, i silently handover the phone to her and came to my room ..!! )

How can i forget her voice ...? 

I definitely know this is kirthi ..!! Oh my girl .. !! How she got aunt's number ..!! 

Then , i heard that aunty saw them in nearby temple with two boys .. Gowtham and kesavan ..!! 

Idiots... They used their brothers name .. did they think I'm some dump ..?! 

Why didn't they come to see me ..? 

Mini ranju : because, you didn't attend their phone or replyed to their messages..!!

Yeah .. right .. i ignored them .. and now they came for me .. to protect me .. to rescue me ..!! God ...!! 

Today : 

Now , too she is calling aunt..!! 

I think they know the situation I'm in ..!! They are doing some stupid stuffs to rescue me from all this mess .. !! 

But, I don't deserve their love .. !! Ohh god .. !! 

I can hear aunty's voice from here ..!! 

Aunty : hello jannu ..!! 

Kirthi : ______________________________

Aunty :  Okey da .. !! I just worried.. what to do ..?!

Kirthi : _______________________________

Aunty : How can I be not worried about that . Just now uncle said that some lawyer visited them and discussed about some will and conditions. I really don't be surprised if there is some new problem..!! 

Kirthi : ________________________________

Aunty : han okey da .. !! 

Kirthi : _________________________________

Aunty : They said to get ready by six 'o clock .. they said they will send some car for us ..!! 

Kirthi : _________________________________

Aunty : Yeah sure da .. I will send the location on WhatsApp.. but, guys you all be careful.. what to do if something happened to you..!! 

Kirthi : _________________________________

Aunty : okey okey da .. !! 

Kirthi : _________________________________

Aunty :  She is inside her room only .. to be honest.. she is just there .. sometimes she came out to eat .. but it too rare ... I really don't know what to do about this .. she is also your age only .. but see the conditions.. !! 

Kirthi : _________________________________

Aunty : I will be very happy.. if you said came true ..!! 

Kirthi : _________________________________

Aunty : Yeah da .. just 24 hours only .. let's see what it holds ..!! 

Kirthi : _________________________________

Aunty :  Yeah da .. she is studying in Cochin.. I really don't know what the reason she gave for this long holiday.. I too didn't ask anything.. I already said so much to her .. but I can't say anything about this .. for this only we sent her this long but now see the date ..!! 

Kirthi : _________________________________

Aunty : han okey da .. ! 

Kirthi : _________________________________

Aunty : I will send it to you by morning da ..!! 


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