The journey of ever after - 13

Kirthi's pov :

I just talked to sivagami aunty...!! 

Yeah .. she too told about the conditions and the will ..!! 

I hope everything will be smooth..! 

I asked aunty to send me the location..!! 

Just our plan is to go and oversee what is happening..!! And if anythings go out of plan .. then we need to do something...!! 

I know we don't have any backup plan ..!! Now , praying is the only option we left with ..!! 

The next day :

I woke up at 5am and I started to get ready...!! And then I went to karthik Anna's and that idiots room ..!! 

There that idiot is sleeping like a log and Anna was busy seeing his place ..!! 

So, I silently went towards and peek towards his phone ..!! 

It was ranju's pic .. it will pain him right ..!! That his love is going to get married but we know we will stop it by any means ..!! 

But, the thought itself will kill him right ..!! 

My poor brother.. I just hugged him from backwards..! 

He has few drops of tears ..!! I just whispered everything will going to be okey in his ears ..! 

After few minutes, I broke the hug and he went to freshen up ..!! 

Now , the task is to wake up the sleeping Beauty..!! 

Oh ..!! Our princess is in her dream land ..!! 

I just want to wake him up..!! So, I analysed the room for any properties to disturb him ..!! 

But, there is only a newspaper..!! So, I took and make it as a feather 🪶..!! 

First , I used that paper in his foot to tickle him ..!! But, yeah he didn't give any reactions..!! 

So, now I'm comfortably sat in the bed .. and take that paper near his ear to tickle him ..!! 

Then , in my another hand , with another paper , I started to tickle his neck ..!! 

Oh boy .. !! He too have some human senses..!! 

Then, slowly, I started to tickle the both sensitive spots..!! I'm already in the verge of laughing hard ..!! 

He stirred in his sleep..!! But, he then went to his lala land ..!! 

Now , I'm furious.. is he really an alian ..!?

I'm very ticklish.. if someone did something to me ..!! Then that's it .. I would be laughing like a mad woman..!! 

But, here this jandhu is sleeping.. so, I fasten my process..!! 

Then , he suddenly hold my hand which was tickling his neck.. and pulled it towards other side . !! 

And , of course, I lost my balance.. I said I'm sitting comfortably right.. now scratch that ..!! 

Due to the imbalance I'm laying on him ..!

But, the idiot is sleeping..!! Inspite of my weight ..!! Is he drunk..? Oh god .. now , I started to beat him .!! 

I can't get up because of the force my legs are tangled in the blankets..!!

And that idiot also holding my right hand ..!! So, I beated him with my left hand ..!! He started to wake up .. he was just blinking his eyes and then he saw me .. who was glaring at him .. !! 

Krish : hmm ..!! You have your bed in your room nah ..? 

Then again I beated him..!! 

Krish: hey it's paining di ..!!( That "d" in his husky voice did something to me ) 

But, ignoring that , I beated him...!! 

He saw the surroundings and the paper in my hand and the one nearby ..!! And , I think he figured out what's happening..!! 

Then, he has this mischievous smile and I know that is very dangerous one ..!! 

Within the seconds , he started to tickle me .. as I'm the ticklish one ... I rolled and due to the tangles in the blanket .. he was now top of me .. and tickling.. I too started to kick him with my legs which is in that blanket...!! 

Due to this .. he lost his balance and fell on me ..!! 

I don't know when I saw that deep black orbs ..!! 

I felt like , I'm in some deep ocean and drowning in it ..!! 

He too staring in my eyes ..!! His eyes was deep black one like the black whole .. !! Thick eyelashes.. sharp eye brow..!! 

I couldn't stop my self from staring him ..!! 

He was a log .. but, I don't feel any weight...!! 

Only thing I feel was my heart beat .. which was beating like it is in some race ..!!  

My hands urged me to move his hairs which is on his forehead..!! He has a light stubble on his cheeks and chin .. !! 

Oh god .. I just want to freeze this moment...!! 


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